Monday, July 6, 2009


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

more pictures...

okay, so i'm tired of having a picture of my used tissues on the front of my blog- so here are some other pictures i have taken recently. I went down to San Antonio a few weeks ago to see The Tim and Bob Show play their last show at Fralo's (don't worry- they still play 2-3 gigs a month! check them out at Beto's on Broadway) and was happily surprised that Shira was in town from Vancouver. I hadn't seen Shira since she and Liz randomly knocked on my parent's door three or four years ago. (One of the other reasons that i'm sad my parents don't live in SA anymore...)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ozomatli in the park!

Last wednesday, Bryn and I bussed it downtown to go see Ozomatli perform at Republic Square Park as part of the Solar Concert's free summer shows.

We got there a little late (missed the opening act), but we found a nice little spot where we could see the stage and still stand and dance (mostly in place- but it was still really fun!).
(and no- i have no idea why i can't dance with my mouth closed!)

Bryn had some cherries that we shared with strangers, and the rest of the time we kicked up all the dried grass and dust. (this would end up being a near-fatal mistake causing a vicious allergic attack that would last for days for both of us...)

Friday, May 29, 2009

damn... it's been awhile.

Okay, so i might have fallen off the blog horse after spring break. My workload and stress level seemed to be at an all-time high. But somehow, through the support of some great friends and caring professors, I made it! (and with straight A's, i might add!!) Seriously, though, I went through a lot of emotional and academic stress this last semester, and I can only think that it will never be that much of a 'perfect storm' of events for quite awhile (let's hope!).

Getting dumped sucks no matter what, but it's especially rough if that person was your solo support system through a really challenging program. (And if you have to continue living with the person that broke your heart for another five months). But i have survived- to quote the great Ben Kweller song, "she's gonna make it on her own" (now my theme song!). I have moved into a lovely one bedroom apartment- my first time ever living completely alone- and it's wonderful so far! I'm still getting things organized, and I'm going thrifting and garage sailing tomorrow to look for some lamps, maybe a couch and other little odds and ends.

I've been on a little summer vacation for the last two weeks, and it's been incredible! I got to house sit for a friend of mine and pretend that i was a doggy mommy for two wonderful big dogs. I started taking swing dance lessons and have been going out blues dancing with some old (and new)friends. I haven't even thought about nursing- and it's been really refreshing to feel so free!

Like always, I'm afraid when school starts up again I am going to lose all the fun pastimes in order to study. I am determined to keep this from happening. So... I have scheduled in fun throughout my week! I signed up for harmonica lessons on Tuesday evenings, and I'm going to continue the swing lessons on Thursday nights. Fridays I will have off from school, so I can easily keep up my work at the yoga studio.

Alrighty, well i have to go get the last of my stuff from the old apartment. (moving out was actually easier than it has been the last two times, but getting the apartment cleaned up has been a nightmare...) Anyways, hopefully soon I will be able to post pics of my new place. That's all for now- I'll try to be a more diligent blogger in the future!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Murphy Street Raspa Company : Alpine, Tx

On Monday of spring break, I got up at five am to get on the road for the long drive to Alpine, Tx. My good friend from high school, Cristina and her husband, Vic have a store near the main street called Murphy Street Raspa Company. It's a cute little storefront (the building has been around since 1903!) and the raspas and ice cream are fantastic!

This is Bob Bell, a local artist in Alpine and a fixture at the MSRC. He's quite a character, and always quick with a joke or interesting tale. And yes, that is a pith helmet. he says it protects you from the jungle, and since there isn't a jungle anywhere near here, it must be working.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

sprinkle this!


This is a marquee up the street from my house. It makes me smile (and really want a cupcake- good job by them). I am also currently finding all sorts of ways to avoid working on my presentation i have to give at eleven this morning. It's only 8:30- i've got plenty of time! (oh, wait, i have to leave my house in an hour and i still have to shower... oops.) It's just a fifteen minute presentation- basically i can wing it and still get an A. (pretty sure)
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Sisters and pancakes!

Elizabeth was in town yesterday for our friend's beers of the world
party-it was a blast and we even got to play croquet! Bryn has only
lived in Austin for a few months and that girl already knows more
people than I do- a delightful social butterfly!

Anyways, I treated elizabeth to gingerbread pancakes this morning at
my favorite breakfast joint in Austin (it doesn't hurt that it's also
within walking distance!). We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and then
we both got a little studying in before we started the rest of our
day. I really miss my li'l sis- so it was great to hang out like old